About Us​

At Elite Student Loan Consulting, we are a team of student loan experts who understand the difficulty of selecting a student loan repayment plan. We understand navigating through the process of student loan repayment can be burdensome and our job is to partner with you and lift the burden!

Founded in 2023, we are a third-party document preparation company well-versed in preparing documents to lower your monthly loan payments or get your debt forgiven, in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Education.

Woman with a smile holding a diploma, happy to have Elite Student Loan Consulting at her side.
Headshot of Keisha Napue, owner and founder of Elite Student Loan Consulting

Meet the Owner

My name is Keisha Napue. As the Founder and Owner of Elite Student Loan Consulting, I take great pride in the services we offer and our commitment to you!

I too was a student loan borrower and unfortunately only after becoming disabled was I enlightened to the multitude of options available for student borrowers. At this time an advocate entered my life and supported me through the process of a TPD (Total and Permanent Disability Discharge). Initially, I was skeptical and did not believe it was possible to attain forgiveness, but it happened!

And there began my passion! I do not take the responsibility of serving clients lightly. With an extensive professional background employed in several arenas for both the federal and private sectors, I can definitely say I have never loved any profession more than this. Knowing that I have the privilege to educate borrowers to navigate the maze of student loan debt is an honor, and I am grateful to be of service!

Allow Us to Help and Serve You!

Elite Student Loan Consulting is committed to providing customer service with compassion and an expected level of professionalism and confidentiality.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

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